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The Applied Hope Foundation

AHF is a US Federal 501c3 charitable foundation registered as a Public Benefit Corporation in California.
We have offices in San Diego, Seattle, and Hawaii, and our Federal EIN is 86-3535596.


Our Intention

Applied Hope works on hard problems in difficult places with very good people.


Our goal is to always leave things a little less broken and our local partners a bit more capable. 


What We Do

Producing safe water first - but that's just a start

Clean drinking water is where we began, but as we've gained experience, we've learned that we need to pursue a more integrated design process. We want to field affordable local systems that can create what FDR described in 1941: "...a safe, healthy, stable, and fulfilling life, free from want and free from fear."

While we have supported the installation of clean water systems on several continents, we think we can do better at designing across all of the many sectors that can improve human security: Water, food, shelter, power, communication, transportation, education, governance, and more. We're leaning on a very broad network of smart friends and organizations to help, specifically including in our design processes those at most risk, and we're constantly looking for new ideas to test

Our efforts for 2023 through 2026 will be in Ukraine, the Marshall Islands, Chile, Mexico, Yemen, and the US, and we're interested in good ideas and new technologies still in the early stages of development. Our many indigenous partners like to learn, and we have the ability to test ideas in rigorous and remote venues with independent evaluators.


If you have something we should see, designed for low-resource communities at urgent risk from climate change, environmental degradation, involuntary displacement, resource shortfalls, or conflict, please get in touch.



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