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Water and Renewable Power

Water purification is a core competency at AHF, and how we got our start.


While Eric and Alex were deployed to the 2014 Supertyphoon Haiyan response in Tacloban, they ran out of clean drinking water - as did almost everyone else in that response. They decided to approach that problem from an engineering perspective and, with a collection of smart friends, designed a water purification system intended to be used on-site at a disaster, cleaning any water nearby.


The system, called WARP, would purify large volumes water from almost any source using robust, sophisticated systems that could be operated by anyone, could be maintained by locals, and could be powered entirely by solar PV. 

The current version, WARP2, has already provided enough clean water to avoid the one-time use of several million plastic bottles in Nepal, in Mayan villages in the Yucatan rainforest, and in the war-torn hospitals of Al Hudaydah, Yemen. 


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